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12pm GMT

Learn how to save your business time and money with process discovery!

During this webinar you will learn what process discovery is, when to use it and how to leverage it to find and eliminate waste in your business.

The benefits of going Lean

Reduce lead time

Help your customers get your products faster and more often.

Save money

Reduce cost

Reduce cost by eliminating wasteful steps in your processes.

Improve quality

Eliminate defects and get things right first time to increase quality.

Empower Staff

Empower staff

The freedom to improve their workplace and processes.


Free introduction to Lean by email

We teach a management approach called “Lean” which is helping people all over the world save time and money in their businesses! To help you understand the basics we’ve put together this complimentary 5 part email introduction course just for you.

Lean Accelerator Group

Many business owners would love to hire a productivity consultant to help them solve problems and give them time back.  So we’ve put together a group for like-minded people who want to learn more productivity and efficiency concepts and share challenges in a collaborative environment. Our member benefits from regular interactive live streams with our own productivity expert and guest speakers.

Group talk

Funding and support available

Some state agencies such as Enterprise Ireland, IDA and Local Enterprise Office provide productivity grants to help Irish businesses become more competitive.

We have successfully helped other businesses apply for these grants and we can help you too, so contact us today to get the ball rolling.

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What is lean?

Lean is an approach to continuous business improvement applicable to all industries. It helps us reduce lead times, reduce cost and increase quality.

What we do

We help business owners and business leaders understand lean concepts and introduce a lean culture into their organisations.

Our objective

Our objective is always to get your organisation to the point where lean is a daily habit for everyone and you don’t need us to help you anymore.

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