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Frequently asked questions

The below list contains some frequently asked questions which you may find useful.

Lean is a popular approach to continuous improvement, primarily through the identification and reduction of wasteful steps in processes. It is also referred to as “lean thinking”.

Lean and Six Sigma are two approaches to business improvement which are often used together. Lean focuses on reducing waste in business processes and Six Sigma focuses on reducing variation in business processes.

Our standard consulting rate is €900 (+VAT) per day. However, you don’t need to book us for a whole day and most online work can be provided on an hourly rate. Please get in touch and we will be able to look at all the options available for you, we are able to offer solutions to suit all budgets and grant funding may be available.

As an approximate guide a simple introductory project could take between 8 to 12 weeks. But it really depends on the time the business is able to commit and the scope of the problem being addressed.

There is not a business on the plant that does not need to improve, ourselves included! We can provide a simple introduction to basic lean concepts to get you started.

Ideally we would like to come to your site but we can offer a 100% online experience if required.

Savings vary substantially from project to project and we would say that the more effort your team puts in the more they get out. Projects are expected to more than pay back consulting fees in the long term.



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