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What problem do you need to solve?

Work takes too long to complete

We can look at your processes and tell you what’s slowing work down.

Save money

Costs are too high

We can help you do more with what you already have, increasing profits.

Mistakes keep being made

We can help you understand why mistakes are happening and address the causes.

Empower Staff

Staff seem unhappy

We can help you empower staff to increase motivation and engagement.

How we can help

Training & Education

Teach your teams how to think Lean through fun interactive games and activities. This is a fun team building experience.

Lean Olympics

Lean Transformation

Working directly with senior leadership we will guide you through the challenges of becoming a Lean business.

Lean Consulting

Process Auditing

For those of you who don’t want to commit to all out Lean, we can help you find the waste in your chosen process.

Process Analysis

Get FREE productivity tips, hacks and insights every Wednesday.

Our content

what is lean thinking

A Recap on Lean Thinking

Lets do a quick recap on what Lean Thinking is about. This is Lean in a nutshell and every business can benefit from it! 1.

8 Lean Wastes

The Eight Lean Wastes

In this video I explain the origins of the original 7 Lean wastes. I’ll take you through each of them and then the 8th waste

1 percent improvement

The Power of the 1% Improvement In this video I’ll tell you about the power of the 1% improvement, so that you can put it to work in your business


What is lean?

Lean is an approach to continuous business improvement applicable to all industries. It helps us improve lead times, reduce cost and increase quality.

What we do

We help business owners and business leaders understand Lean concepts and introduce a Lean culture into their organisations.

Our objective

Our objective is always to get your organisation to the point where Lean is a daily habit for everyone and you don’t need us to help you anymore!



2019 collection

Let’s face it, no look is really complete without the right finishes. Not to the best of standards, anyway (just tellin’ it like it is, babe). Upgrading your shoe game. Platforms, stilettos, wedges, mules, boots—stretch those legs next time you head out, then rock sliders, sneakers, and flats when it’s time to chill.

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