Why we're here​

Having led positive improvement in major national and international businesses, Ashley Bell left his 9 to 5 role on a mission to make work easier and more enjoyable for everyone. To achieve this he launched Nexus Continuous Improvement which combines consulting, education and project management into one convenient service.

Customer Success

Our customers

Our customers are business owners and business leaders who want to boost productivity by empowering their workforce to seek out and improve the way they work.


Our mission

We’re a small business with big ambitions. Our mission is to make work easy for everyone on the planet by empowering employees to fix problems themselves. 

How we do it...

Knowledge Transfer

We make sure that your workforce can continuously improve the way they work long after we have completed our assignment.

First Class Support

We get a kick out of helping others and we’re committed to supporting you and your team every step of the way.

A Strong Relationship

We are more than a once-off purchase, we build strong and lasting relationships with our customers to make sure they continue to realise the benefits.

Our Values


Honesty builds strong relationships, trust and collaboration. This means we can share problems and solve them together.


Respecting is a huge part of what we advocate. We must respect and listen to each other no matter what our background or status.


Empowerment gives people purpose, energises them and drives creative problem solving. It’s about giving people the power to improve by themselves.

About Ashley

Ashley Bell | Managing Director

Everywhere I have worked I have seen opportunities for improvement. Yet many organisations didn’t see it themselves and some even resisted making things better. When it became apparent that not everyone notices waste, I realised that seeing waste is my superpower! Like a true superhero I wanted to use my powers to help others, so I started Nexus Continuous Improvement to help those who want to be helped.

Industry experience

  • Hospitality
  • Tourism
  • Manufacturing
  • Administration
  • Call Centre
  • Telecommunications
  • Engineering

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