Waste is just a waste!

“Waste is just a waste” – Sir David Attenborough.

David Attenborough recently joined Instagram to promote his short film “A Life On Our Planet”, which describes in horrifying detail where our planet is heading if we don’t change our ways.

In a recent post he addresses the topic of waste which is a core focus of my own work. Often I’m dealing with wasted time, but when it comes to physical material it’s worth looking at how nature solves these problems. In some cases it may be possible to turn waste back into profit and that’s worth thinking about!

A great line from the clip: “when it [waste] accumulates it becomes damaging”. This is as true in nature as it is in business, any waste in your business is damaging.

If you need help finding and eliminating waste in your business, get in touch!

Ashley Bell – Lean Specialist
[email protected]
00353 (0)86 175 1231

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